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Awards 2024

Best Change Management Initiative

This award recognises an organisation that has implemented a major change programme.  This may be a wider transformational change in response to the challenges of Brexit, the pandemic and a volatile economy, or significant change to a specific part of the business/operations.

The winning entry will demonstrate alignment with organisational strategy, the impact of the change on the workforce and the business more widely, with evidence of the way culture has aligned to the “new” workplace.

Sponsored by Moxie People

Best Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

This award recognises an organisation that is genuinely dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, challenging inequalities, overcoming resistance, breaking down barriers and bias, and making change happen.

The winning entry will demonstrate how the organisation has addressed important issues to build a sustainable commitment to fostering diversity, promoting inclusion and creating an equitable working environment.

Sponsored by Monmouthshire Building Society

Best External Consultant / Consultancy

This category acknowledges three different consultant/client relationships 1) Independent consultant 2) Consultancy 3) Specialist consultancy.

This award recognises the range of relationships between consultants/consultancies and a client organisation, whether delivering a specific piece of work or providing a breadth of support on a retained basis.

The winning entries will illustrate how the consultant/consultancy worked collaboratively with the client to identify the need for and scope of services, how the relationship is embedded in the broader people and organisational strategy, delivery of tangible business benefits, and the impact on key business metrics.

Client organisations may also nominate suppliers who have positively impacted the business.

Sponsored by Skylite

Best In House Team

This award recognises an HR team that has partnered with the business to deliver value through people initiatives and practices.

The winning entry will showcase a team which demonstrates innovative approaches to addressing either one key business issue or multiple projects which are clearly aligned to business objectives, exceptional teamworking, a positive impact on the workforce and business performance and operational excellence.

Sponsored by Human Resourcing

Best Learning and Development Initiative

This award recognises an organisation that recognises the role of L&D in achieving business goals to boost skills and improve performance.

The winning entry will demonstrate an initiative that promotes learning and development, coaching, improves performance management, and encourages feedback and openness on development needs.

Sponsored by ALS Training

Best Resourcing and Talent Management Initiative

This award recognises an organisation that has implemented creative and effective strategies to recruit and retain the best talent in a rapidly changing and competitive market.

The winning entry will demonstrate a breadth of activity and programmes tailored to maximise impact, and evidence of the benefit to the organisation through meeting business objectives, supporting workforce agility and securing a talent pipeline.

Sponsored by Hoop Human Resources

Best Wellbeing Initiative

This award recognises an organisation that has placed a strong culture of workplace wellbeing – be that physical, emotional, mental or financial – at the heart of its business.

The winning entry will demonstrate an understanding of the holistic nature of employee wellbeing and the importance of leadership, culture and people management in supporting all aspects of employee wellbeing at work.

Sponsored by SSCL

Rising Star of the People Profession

This award recognises an individual at an early to mid-stage of their career who has set themselves apart in their journey by having a meaningful impact in their workplace and a true passion for the profession.

Nominations can be made by anyone who has experienced the positive impact of this person – managers, colleagues, mentors, coaches, academic lecturers/tutors.  Examples of evidence could include their focus on CPD and taking ownership of their progression in the profession, creative and innovative approaches to their work, the impact of their behaviour and enthusiasm on others.

Self-nominations are also accepted but should be endorsed by a Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow of the CIPD.

Sponsored by Cardiff Business School

Excellence in HR Leadership

This award recognises an individual responsible for the design and delivery of a highly impactful people strategy clearly aligned to their organisation’s objectives and which has made a significant contribution to business performance and success.

The winner will be a senior practitioner within the business, committed to building the professional capability of their people team, prepared to challenge the norm, and a leader and role model to those within the business and beyond.  They may also be involved in promoting the profession across Wales.

Nominations can be made by business leaders, senior colleagues, teams or individuals.

Sponsored by Hugh James

Outstanding contribution in the field of people development in Wales

This prestigious award is presented to an individual in recognition of their exceptional contribution to the profession in Wales.

This category is not open for entries.

Sponsored by the CIPD