National Assembly for Wales

Re-shaping Our Apprenticeship Scheme

One of our strategic goals is to engage with the people of Wales. In working towards this objective, we re-shaped our apprenticeship scheme to better engage with the BAME community and to reinforce our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

We challenged ourselves to increase the number of BAME applicants while improving the quality of applications to ensure a competitive recruitment process. We achieved this by focusing our resources on face-to-face engagement and developed an outreach plan which involved a number of visits to BAME communities across the whole of Wales.

In addition, we co-designed a new application form with members of the BAME community and piloted a blind sift as part of the recruitment process. We also conducted bespoke unconscious bias training for panel members and assessors. By working with the BAME community, we’ve been able to remove barriers and provide opportunities for the people of Wales.


Principality Building Society
Diversity is The Mix. Inclusion is Getting The Mix to Work Together.

Inclusion is the state of being valued, respected and supported for who you are, that is what we are about at Principality – Inclusion! We commenced our Diversity & Inclusion journey in 2016 and our commitment was captured in our 2017 D&I 5 Year Strategy. Colleagues and Leaders alike have embraced our inclusive culture which was tangible during August 2018 on Pride Friday.

Our brilliant people flew the flag for ‘Principality Pride’, letting everyone know that as a business we promote diversity and inclusion, support the LGBT+ community and enjoy a chance to dress-up! The celebrations included all seven floors of Principality House, our head office, dressing up in an individual colour from the rainbow flag, taking a #principalitypride selfie using bespoke pride-themed selfie kits that were disseminated across the business, a ‘Rainbow Raffle’ where colleagues could take part in a Pride-themed raffle, as well as the opportunity to be a part of a Pride-themed music video, where colleagues dressed up using props and lip-synced to Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ – and receive a picture from our ‘Prideoke’ photo booth in the process. 


Aberystwyth University