Joint Winner – Alison Love at Resolution at Work

Alison has over 30 years’ experience of HR, legal and business in both public and private sectors across the UK. She is currently the managing director of Resolution at Work, a company at the forefront of workplace mediation and conflict resolution. Alison has conducted over 100 workplace mediations and has experience in conflict coaching and leadership development programmes. She has designed and facilitated team development events covering communication, people styles, vision, mission statements and high performing team working.
Alison also regularly provides in-house and external training on mediation skills, workplace investigations, conflict management, difficult conversations and performance feedback.

Joint Winner – David Parsons from SSCL

David is a standout HR professional who has successfully delivered HR transformation and organisation change programmes during his roles with the HM Prison Service, The Home Office, UK Ministry of Justice and now with Shared Service Connected Ltd. David has a proven track record of managing large HR operations departments, delivering efficient and effective strategy programmes.
As an outstanding leader, David has driven change programmes involving multidisciplinary teams, successfully managed HR operations teams delivering continuous improvement and has a track record of developing others to achieve their full potential in both careers and projects.
Colleagues regularly acknowledge David’s drive to put people first. He is certainly a role model to those both in the public and private sector as he epitomises everything a HR practitioner should be.