Best Apprenticeship Scheme

This award recognises organisations clearly committed to delivering high-quality apprenticeship programmes that demonstrate clear alignment with the organisation’s business and people strategies.  Successful programmes will demonstrate how they are integrated into the organisations’ wider workforce planning, providing great opportunities for learners to progress, and supporting efforts to increase diversity and inclusion.
Examples of higher-level apprenticeships that provide viable alternatives to university and partnerships between employers and educational institutions are welcome, as are entries from organisations of all sizes and industry sectors.
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Best diversity and inclusion initiative

This award recognises an employer that is genuinely dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, challenging inequalities, overcoming resistance, breaking down barriers and bias, and making change happen.
The winning entry will evidence how the organisation has become a truly inclusive workplace, addressing important issues (such as, but not limited to, under-representation, fairness and impartiality in relation to reward, flexibility, access to promotion, learning and development opportunities) to build a sustainable commitment which benefits both employees and the business.
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Best health and well-being Initiative

This award recognises employers that place employee well-being centre stage within the organisation and have embedded a strong culture of workplace well-being.
Successful entries will demonstrate an understanding of the holistic nature of employee health and well-being, and the important role an organisation’s leadership, culture and people management plays in supporting an employees’ physical and mental well-being at work.  Evidence should be shared on how these have been adapted to meet the challenges of COVID-19 and a remote working environment, and provide evidence of a positive and sustainable impact.
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Best hybrid and flexible working initiative

This award recognises an employer that has invested significantly in its approach to flexible and hybrid working, creating innovative solutions to manage ongoing change that supports employees and managers while also meeting the needs of the business.
Entrants will showcase how they’ve taken the opportunities presented by COVID-19 to rebuild their people strategies to embed flexible future-focused working, aligning culture and processes to provide flexibility and choice in terms of how, when and where work can be done.  The will entry will demonstrate agility in it’s the organisation’s response to ongoing challenges whilst considering factors such as the impact of “always-on” technology, on employee well-being and mental health, as well as how success of activity can be measured and evaluated over time.
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Best in-house team 

This award recognises an HR or L&D team that has demonstrated excellence across the organisation to meet the needs of the business and its people.  Judges will be looking for a team that can evidence innovative and unique approaches to addressing either one key business issue across the year, or multiple projects clearly alighted to organisational objectives.
Entries will show how the outcomes have been measured and evaluation, and will evidence a positive impact on the workforce and business performance because of exceptional team working and operational excellence in execution.
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Best learning and development / organisation development initiative

This award recognises entries that demonstrate strong links between achieving business goals and organisation development activity, and/or learning and development strategies to boost skills and improve performance.
Successful entries will demonstrate how they’ve built a culture that promotes learning and development, coaching, managing performance, innovative approaches to change and work design, as well as encouraging feedback and openness on development needs.
Entrants should indicate the context for the activities, such as a change management programme, as well as demonstrating how their approach has taken both the business need and the employee experience in consideration, and how success has been measured and evaluated.  
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Best resourcing and talent management initiative

This award recognises creative and effective talent attraction, retention, talent management, workforce planning, and restructuring strategies that take into account current and future needs of the organisation.   In the current tight labour market, with increasing skills shortages, it’s more important than ever that organisations have robust strategies in place to attract and retain a diverse pool of employees.
The successful entry will demonstrate the design and delivery of creative solutions to acquire and manage talent in response to a rapidly changing landscape.  Judges are looking for a breadth of activity and programmes tailored to maximise impact.  Entrants are encouraged to show evidence of how activity has benefitted the organisation, met business objectives, supported organisational agility, and provided an organisation-wide talent pipeline.
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Best use of external support

We’ve broadened this category to recognise the range of partnerships between consultants/consultancies and a client organisation.  Consultants/consultancies are invited to nominate projects that they have worked on and delivered with specific clients.  Additionally, organisations can nominate consultants/consultancies/suppliers who have positively impacted the business.
Entries will clearly illustrate how the consultant/consultancy worked collaboratively with the organisation to undertake a specific people-related project.  The objectives of the initiative will be clear and illustrate how it links to the broader people and organisational strategy, highlighting how it delivered tangible business benefits to the organisation, including the impact on key business metrics.
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Best HR student

Studying is not just about acquiring relevant knowledge – successful students apply what they have learned to bring about real business benefits.  We’re looking for an exceptional individual who is currently studying or who completed a recognised CIPD qualification in 2022.
Successful applicants will demonstrate how their studies have enabled them to initiate and implement business improvements within their organisation.
Nominations are welcome from individuals, employers or qualification providers with the consent of the nominee
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Rising star of the people profession

This award recognises an ambitions individual at an early to mid-stage (3-5 years) of their career who has themselves apart in their journey by having a meaningful impact in their workplace and demonstration a passion for the profession.
Nominations can be made by anyone who has experienced the positive impact of the work of this person – individual’s manager, colleagues, mentor, coach, academic lecturer/tutor – and should show evidence of the impact of the individual’s work in terms of its practical application within the organisation.  Examples of evidence include their focus on CPD and how they apply this learning in their role to achieve positive outcomes; creative and innovative approaches to the design, delivery and evaluation of their work to maximise value to the organisation.
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Excellence in HR leadership

This new award recognises an individual responsible for the design and delivery of a highly impactful people strategy clearly aligned to their organisation’s objectives which has made a significant contribution to organisational performance and success.  Nominees will be a senior practitioner within the business and a leader and role model to others.
Entrants must evidence how their sustainable HR strategy and the initiatives delivered by their team enhanced organisational capability and contributed to overall business performance including quantifiable measures of success.
This individual will also show a commitment to building the professional capability of their people teams and prepared to challenge the norm and deliver an HR function valued within their organisations.
We will accept nominations from business leaders, senior colleagues, teams or individuals.
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Outstanding contribution in the field of people development in Wales

This prestigious award is presented to an individual in recognition of their outstanding and exceptional contribution to the profession within Wales.
This category is not open for entries.
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