Winner – Adra

Adra has a breadth of interventions and managed programmes with a high rate of employment engagement and satisfaction. Adra offers mental, physical, and financial well-being initiatives in-house, as well as external resources such as mental health experts and increased direct access for staff to counselling. They also included furloughed staff in all opportunities: and HWB Flex provided to those who worked.
Adra showed how they devised a holistic, well thought through, cross-organisational and inclusive programme, which met the changing needs of all their staff through active line management involvement and a broad programme which addressed the physical, mental, and financial wellbeing of their staff. There was also clear commitment and active involvement from senior management, with a direct link to their business strategy to ensure the sustainability of the wellbeing agenda that underpins their corporate culture.
The return and satisfaction rates of employee surveys speak volumes and are highly commended with evidence demonstrating consistently over 90% survey return rates and a staggering 95% employee satisfaction rate.

Highly commended – Wales Co-operative Centre

Wales Co-operative Centre’s wellbeing strategy aimed to protect physical and mental health through co-operation and with a focus on its values.  The HR team consulted with staff to establish the different threats to good health and worked collaboratively to provide a variety of effective solutions, in recognition that “one size does not fit all”.
Wales Co-operative Centre has a passionate and enthusiastic HR team. The company has a total number of 20 managers trained in mental health, alongside a ‘work when you can’ scheme, and a series of HWB initiatives to encourage positive mental health, manage stress, encourage positive conversations and peer coaching.