Winner –  SSCL

SSCL specialise in both service delivery and transformation providing a range of services within HR improving a great all-round experience for partners and customers.
SSCL was tasked with a considerable, time-pressured challenge and delivered in full against the requirements of the client. Ensuring clarity on the outcomes required and a clear method of working, this organisation quickly built a strong client partner relationship ensuring an expedient and professional service. Understanding the brief, this organisation helped not only deliver the outcomes, but also reshaped business processes to enable more efficient and sustainable solutions for the client.

Highly commended – JG HR Solutions

JG HR Solutions’ free guidance across social media during the pandemic was welcomed by employers and individuals. JG HR Solutions have made a point of looking at the big issues that would make a difference to the workforce and employers like IVF, menopause, and pregnancy loss.
JG HR Solutions is a shining example of how an HR consultancy has grown and adapted to the needs of a growing and changing client base.